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Y Diwrnod Mawr (My Big Day)

Y Diwrnod Mawr (My Big Day)

Little children love a story – and even better are real stories which are well told.

My Big Day tells the stories of 26 children as they prepare for a big day in their lives. That day could be a family event, an important date in the calendar connected to activities or hobbies or just a fun day which they’ve been looking forward to for ages.

In the series we share great and poignant moments – Cerian’s mum coming home after a four month tour in Afghanistan, the birth of Jac’s twin sisters. We join in Charlie’s joy as he passed his go-karting test and have great fun on the farm with Sion as he prepares to sell his lamb at the mart.

The series offers a great perspective on a very diverse group of children – from urban to rural areas and from all kinds of families. Importantly, they all have a good story and they articulate their feelings in words and gestures. The children tell their own stories and the programmes are created using a combination of straightforward documentary techniques and classic storytelling techniques for young children. Nia Ceidiog (Producer/Director) draws on her background in writing fiction for young children and her experience and skill as a documentary maker to achieve this.

Real children, great music and fun graphics add up to provide a great viewing experience for preschoolers!

Imagination Station

Imagination Station

“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.” — Albert Einstein

It’s also great fun – using your imagination to create new things out of old ones.

Imagination Station is a magical terminus where children use their imagination to create things – toys/models/pictures/songs and poems – using the Left Luggage which clutters the rooms.

In this activity, the children are aided and abetted by the Station Mistress – Dolores Jones (but you can call me Dolly), Pat(rick) and Pat(ricia) the Station Porters and Gwen and Stewart – the Guard and the Steward on the train.

But it’s the children who lead the imagining, using their ideas – they are the Imaginers.



Being with the Baaas is about belonging.

The Baaas are an extended family of multi racial sheep who live together
in a cottage on a hillside. They may be cuddly and fleecy – but they
walk and talk and sing and dance and bicker and bond  just like humans.

These shows are a riotous mix of colourful sit-com and soap for young
viewers with a strong backbone of educational content in the themes. The
stories are told from the children’s perspective.

The mixed heritage of the family is celebrated in the names of the
children – Meeedea Gwen and Jaaason Wyn. Grandad is Costaaas – an opera
singing Greek sheep -  who met his wife Baaalwen – a Black faced  ewe -
whilst the two were members of the chorus in La Scaaala Milan.

Fundamentally, Baaas is about how we get on with each other. Echoing the
support this family give each other through thick and thin, the
entertainment offered in the series is supported by the educational
themes in the programmes.