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Models bring fashion X factor to Shrewsbury’s shopping centres

Fashion on the Move at the darwin Centre and Pride hIll centre in Shrewsbury with models Tom, Lee, Bayley and Michaela.

A stylish blend of fashion, music and dance brought glamour and glitz to Shrewsbury’s busy Darwin and Pride Hill Shopping Centres.

Fashion on the Move at the darwin Centre and Pride hIll centre in Shrewsbury with models Tom, Lee, Bayley and Michaela.

The Centres played host to Pop Up Fashion with a team of four model-dancers regulars on top TV shows like X Factor and accompanied by presenter Mike Lockwood, staging a series of shows throughout the day.

Fashion on the Move at the darwin Centre and Pride hIll centre in Shrewsbury with models Tom, Lee, Bayley and Michaela.

It brought crowds flocking to be entertained by the models parading the latest High Street fashions from the centre retailers.

Fashion on the Move at the darwin Centre and Pride hIll centre in Shrewsbury with models Tom, Lee, Bayley and Michaela. Watching the show are Jade Evas, 14 and Lily Tuitt, 13 from Shrewsbury.

New Look manager Emma Bates said: ““The models were very good and the show went very well and crowds have been gathering in the centres through the day.”

Sam Bale, at River Island, was delighted with the event and she said: “It’s been really good, very positive and it’s been nice to see something different.

“They did a show with our fashions and it was a bit like a flash mob event and it was a lot of fun.

“We’ve had some very good customer feedback and hopefully we’ll see more events like this – it would be good to do a kidswear one.”

Tricia Grace, at Roman, said: “The models looked really good in our dresses and the show they did for us was great. It’s brilliant to have events like this in the centres.”

The series of 13 shows at the Pride Hill Shopping Centre featured New Look, Clarks, Next, Roman, F Hinds and Hotter Shoes.

The set moved on to the Darwin Centre to take in more fashions, jewellery and accessories from Warehouse, Blue Inc, River Island, Dorothy Perkins, Top Shop, Soho, Ernest Jones, Laura Ashley, Claire’s Accessories, Wallis, QVC, A&M, Marks & Spencer and Ernest Jones with beauty and styling demonstrations from Blow & Go and The Body Shop.

Mikey Lockwood, of organisers Maynineteen, said: “It was my first time in Shrewsbury and it’s a lovely town and the models were very energetic from first to last and the event went very well.

“It was really successful and really busy with lots of happy shoppers and retailers and excellent feedback which is always good news.”

Kevin Lockwood, Manager of the Darwin, Pride Hill and Riverside Shopping Centres, was also delighted with the way the day went and he said: “It was a brilliant day and it attracted a lot of attention with the centres very busy with shoppers.

“The models were great and the routines were very well executed and it brought a real touch of glamour and style to the town.

“It seemed to go very, very well and was a very well planned event. The reaction from the shops has been very positive and there seemed to be plenty of smiling faces here.”

Thursday May 14th, 2015


Wrexham woman heading for the palace to have tea with the Queen

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A mum of three who organises a major awards ceremony every year will have her own moment in the sun – at a garden party with the Queen.

Sue Thomas, from Wrexham, has been invited to the party at Buckingham Palace as a reward for all her hard work with the prestigious Wales Care Awards which honour the skill and dedication of people who work in the social care.

Sue began work at Pendine Park care organisation as an admin clerk more than a decade ago and five years ago was promoted to Personal Assistant to proprietor Mario Kreft MBE.

And as part of her duties Sue took on the role of chief administrator for Care Forum Wales, a not-for-profit organisation set up to help health and care providers provide the best outcomes for those who need social care.

Sue says she was left speechless after discovering her work with Care Forum Wales had led to the invitation to the Buckingham Palace garden tea party with Her Majesty.

She said: “I was absolutely thrilled, surprised and delighted. I have never been invited to anything remotely similar before. It really is amazing.

“I have to thank Wrexham AM and Welsh Government Minister for Communities and Tackling Poverty, Lesley Griffiths AM for nominating me.

“It’s a real honour and I will be representing everyone connected with Care Forum Wales as well as Pendine Park Care Organisation.

“It’s really humbling Lesley Griffiths took the time to nominate me. She has always been a huge supporter of Care Forum Wales and Pendine Park.”

Sue will be attending the Buckingham Palace Garden tea Party with her husband, Darren, a brickwork contractor.

She said: “He was as shocked as I was when the invite arrived but very proud. He’s really looking forward to it though.

“Our daughters, Hannah, 20, Sophie, 18, and Millie, 13, are thrilled and insisting we go on some serious shopping trips for my outfit.”

The annual Care Forum Wales Care Awards take a great deal of organising and Sue says it’s a rolling programme as she starts work on the next as soon as the last one finishes.

She said: “Care Forum Wales works hard to raise the profile and celebrate the hard work and dedication of the social care workforce.

“My job is to co-ordinate and organise the event and raise sponsorship where I can. Care Forum Wales has more than 450 members across Wales. The awards seek to reward good practice and celebrate good care among the more than 90,000 employees of members.

“It’s a year round job collating the information and collecting nominations. We normally receive around 300 nominations for the 22 awards.

“An independent panel then goes through the nominations and an initial shortlist of six nominees is prepared. This is then reduced to three nominees who attend the awards ceremony which is usually held in October in Cardiff City Hall.

“The nominees all receive either a gold, silver or bronze award. It’s a wonderful occasion which, quite rightly, celebrates the excellent work that often goes un-noticed by the general public.

“We are really very lucky because we have some wonderful sponsors and I am eternally grateful to them because the Wales Care Awards simply wouldn’t happen without their generosity.”

Wrexham AM Lesley Griffiths said: “Pendine Park is a fantastic organisation and a leading social care provider in our community.

“Without the hard work and dedication of the staff, Pendine Park would not have been able to achieve their highly respected reputation.

“Sue personifies the excellent care and expertise the organisation provides and is a shining example of the exceptional people who care for the most vulnerable in our society.

“In addition to her work at Pendine Park, Sue is also a chief administrator of Care Forum Wales. Representing hundreds of care homes and social care providers across the country, Sue’s work aims to promote partnership and improve and advance the social care sector across Wales.

“I am delighted her nomination has been successful and I am sure Sue, along with her husband Darren, will have a wonderful day at Buckingham Palace.”

Mario Kreft, who is also the Chair of Care Forum Wales and the founder of the Wales Care Awards, was “absolutely thrilled” for Sue.

He said: “The invitation to the garden party with the Queen is richly deserved as recognition of the fantastic work Sue has done – and continues to do – to make the Wales Care Awards such a great success.”

Care Forum Wales was set-up in March 1993 and works closely with the Welsh Assembly Government, commissioners and regulators to shape policies that focus on making sure people receive high-quality care.

Care Forum Wales also organises training events, professional groups and conferences to promote best practice and share knowledge among its members.

To find out more about Care Forum Wales visit and to find out more about Pendine Park visit

Wednesday May 13th, 2015


Top pain relief expert at Wrexham hospital is in worldwide demand

Dr Thomas Haag at Spire Yale is a pain consultant and is developing a reputation as an expert of world renown pictured with physiotherapist Grevin Jones.

A pain relief expert from Wrexham who’s using a pioneering new treatment is in demand.

Dr Thomas Haag, a consultant in Pain Medicine at the private Spire Yale Hospital, in Wrexham, has taken part in a series of workshops across mainland Europe and as far afield as Australia.

The treatment has achieved “significant results” in patients deemed suitable for the therapy which uses high frequency radio waves to target sensory nerves to relieve hip, knee, back and neck pain.

Along with London and Bristol, Wrexham was one of just three UK centres offering the treatment, which specifically targets knee and hip pain, after it was first introduced about two years ago.

Dr Haag explained: “It is used to treat pain caused by arthritis, accidental injury or discomfort following knee or hip replacement surgery.

“It’s not designed to replace surgery but we may be able to help a patient that really does not want to undergo surgery or a patient who is perhaps considered too old or young for surgery.

“We can perhaps help patients that have undergone knee or hip replacement surgery where, in pain relief terms, the surgery simply hasn’t worked.

“We know from studies that about 20 per cent of patients who underwent knee replacement, are still left with often considerable pain for which there has so far not been good treatment options available.”

Dr Haag says the new treatment, called sensory nerve radio frequency denervation, is only undertaken following a thorough assessment of the patient by his clinical team.

He said: “The treatment may, but not always, feature injections into the knee joint using a steroid. I would then treat the patient using a denervation procedure, taking out specific nerve endings through the use of radio waves.

“There is no numbness and the radio waves are used to target only those nerves that process pain. Initially I would complete a test block on a patient that I consider suitable for the procedure.

“This is done, in theatre, under X-ray guidance and only takes around 20 minutes with the patient not requiring general anaesthetic and able to go home following treatment.

“The hospital then contacts the patient a few days later to establish if there has been a significant decrease in pain experienced from the knee or hip we have treated.

“If the answer is yes, and there has been a significant decrease in pain, the patient is invited back to the hospital.

“I would then further treat those particular sensory nerves by means of targeting them with a radio frequency with the hope of significant on-going pain relief.

“We have seen some patients who report they are now totally pain free following treatment.

“We also have patients reporting a significant reduction in pain more than 12 months after treatment. And, while we have been mainly treating knee joint pain, we are able to use the same treatment for hip, back and neck pain.”

Such has been the success of the treatment Dr Haag is now involved running workshops for medics across Europe and even Australia.

He added: “A colleague in Germany has been involved treating patients with the denervation process for some time, longer than me in fact. I contacted him and we set up a workshop which was very quickly over-subscribed.

“Since then we have run five workshops across mainland Europe and I have been invited to attend a workshop in Perth, Western Australia later in the year.

“There is huge interest in this therapy and the data being gathered is clearly showing it is a valuable and simple treatment producing incredible results for the right patient.”

Clinical physiotherapist Grevin Jones, who works alongside Dr Haag, says the treatment isn’t just about denervation therapy.

He said: “When it comes to knee joints pain often results from a combination of problems that have been present over a long period of time.

He said: “The patient may have developed ways of coping with the pain such as developing a limp. This could lead to muscle loss, joint stiffness and symptoms developing in other areas such as low back pain or hip.

“It is important alongside the procedure that we address these factors to maximise its effects. Hopefully by addressing these we can achieve as full a function in the knee as possible providing marked improvements in the quality of life for the individual.”

Sue Jones, the hospital’s director is delighted to be able to offer this new treatment at Spire Yale hospital.

She said: “Whilst there is no such thing as a magic wand, Dr Haag and his team have achieved some fantastic results and the vast majority of patients are discharged from the Pain Service within a few weeks.

“Pain severely impacts every aspect of a patient’s life which is why we have to take a multi-disciplinary, holistic approach. Treatment plans are formulated on a bespoke basis for individual patients – what is right for one patient may not be right for another.

“This new treatment can be life-changing for patients. It has the potential to make a real difference to the quality of life of the patients.”

Monday May 11th, 2015