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New owner of Chinese restaurant in Wrexham says it’s the real deal

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The manager of a Wrexham restaurant who tantalised the taste-buds of Hollyoaks stars saw so much potential in the business he decided to buy it for himself.

Now Jason Sheehan, 33, is looking to develop The Real China, the popular Chinese buffet-style eatery at the Eagles Meadow shopping centre, and is hoping to take on more staff.

Jason believes the restaurant, which offers a mouth-watering selection of Asian delicacies and traditional Chinese dishes, will become one of North Wales’ top oriental restaurants.

In the past the father-of-two has rubbed shoulders with the likes of Sarah George, and Twinnie-Lee Moore, who play the McQueen sisters in the hit Channel 4 show.

The ex Maelor School pupil previously ran the Fiesta Havana cocktail restaurant in Chester, a favourite haunt of the Hollyoaks duo.

Jason said: “I took over as manager of The Real China towards the end of last year and could see straight away how much potential there is in terms of what the restaurant can offer in what is a prime Eagles Meadow location.

“I have a lot of experience having run the Robin Hood Hotel in Helsby and Fiesta Havana in Chester as well as Alexander’s Jazz Bar. It’s going to be hard work and it’s only early days but I have no doubt that I have made the right decision.”

Jason’s career in catering began when he studies business and catering at Yale College (now Coleg Cambria), earning himself a clutch of NVQs.

A black belt second dan in Shotokan karate, he is also a champion fighter, and has won the mixed martial arts (MMA) North Wales Open Championships.

His sights are now firmly set on expanding the business at Real China by offering a service to corporate customers.

He said: “I have kept on our excellent Chinese chefs and employ around 10 other workers on a full or part-time basis. I’m hoping I can take on more staff and be able to offer job opportunities to more Wrexham people in the near future.

“My idea is to offer an outside catering option where we will attend business or corporate functions and possibly even Asian-themed weddings. I just think there is so much we can do and I can only seeing us getting busier.

“I intend to adopt a new dimension to the menu so we offer something very different but I believe the buffet-style food we serve as our main staple is incredibly popular and is the right way to go so we are going to retain that.”

He added: “It’s certainly exciting times and I’m absolutely certain I have done the right thing.

“The two previous owners had other business interests and spent very little time here so as I was doing just about everything anyway so I thought the best way was buy the business and work for myself. I’m glad I did.”

Eagles Meadow Shopping Centre manager Kevin Critchley said: “I am delighted Jason had the confidence in the business and could see its potential.

“The Real China Restaurant has been a popular addition to what we offer at Eagles Meadow and I know it is always busy whether at lunch time or in the evening.

“I’m sure the restaurant will thrive with Jason at the helm and will continue to attract new customers.

“I wish him all the best in his new venture and I’m sure Wrexham people will be delighted to see the business taken over by someone who hails from the town.”

Friday July 24th, 2015


Wrexham: The Prince of Welsh Cakes – and crumpets at the Village Bakery

ROYAL VISIT TO VILLAGE BAKERY WREXHAM. Pictured is The prince of Wales and the Dutchess of Cornwall flipping Welsh cakes watched by Rob Glover production Manager.

The Prince of Wales became The Prince of Welsh Cakes during a visit to an award-winning bakery in Wrexham, when he also revealed his love of crumpets.

His Royal Highness, accompanied by The Duchess of Cornwall, officially opened the new £4m Baking Academy and Innovation Centre built by the Village Bakery at their site on the Wrexham Industrial Estate.

ROYAL VISIT TO VILLAGE BAKERY WREXHAM.  The Prince of Wales and the Dutchess of Cornwall pictured during the unveiling

The family firm, which celebrated its 80th anniversary last year, now employs around 400 people and was named Wales’s fastest growing company in 2013 and the fastest growing manufacturer last year.

On arrival, Their Royal Highnesses were greeted by company chairman, Alan Jones, and The Duchess of Cornwall was presented with a bouquet of seasonal flowers by his grand-daughter Amelia, aged eight.

Also present were Amelia’s father, Christien, projects director at the bakery, and his brother Robin, the company’s managing director. The family was joined by a host of local dignitaries.

First port of call for Their Royal Highnesses was the test bakery, where they saw a display of assorted freshly baked breads and met members of the team.

Their Royal Highnesses then went on a guided tour of the bakery next door, where amongst other things, they saw the Welsh Cakes production line in action.

The traditional delicacies made by the family bakers are sold across the UK, and as far afield as Hong Kong and Singapore.

The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall were invited to flip the Welsh Cakes, which they both did with aplomb.

ROYAL VISIT TO VILLAGE BAKERY WREXHAM. ROYAL VISIT TO VILLAGE BAKERY WREXHAM. Pictured is The prince of Wales and the Dutchess of Cornwall flipping Welsh cakes watched by Rob Glover production Manager and Christien Jones .

Before unveiling a bi-lingual plaque to mark the official opening, His Royal Highness said: “What a huge delight it has been to come and visit here. I have always wanted to know, ladies and gentlemen, how crumpets were made. I have a slight predilection for crumpets, but I have to wait for nearly 67 years to find out.

“One thing I never knew is that you have chimneys in the crumpet, presumably to fill with butter. So the next time I have a crumpet I shall think of the Jones family.

“I also wanted to say how marvellous it is that you take such trouble to have so many apprentices here, and to train people for this incredibly high quality operation.

“The fact that you sell now in so many different parts of the world is a huge tribute, I think, to this remarkable Welsh company and all its devoted, as I can see, dedicated workforce.

“Nothing gives us greater pleasure than to congratulate you, if I may say so, on this achievement and hope that for many more generations there will be lots more Jones to ensure that crumpets are produced properly.”

Earlier the Prince was briefed about the family’s plans to transform a nearby woodland into a nature reserve.

Company chairman Alan Jones also discussed the new building’s eco credentials, including a spectacular four storey high, living wall of evergreen plants. Other green features include rainwater harvesting, high levels of insulation and building panels made of recycled material.

Mr Jones said: “This is a fantastic day in the history of the Village Bakery, we’re deeply honoured the Prince and the Duchess of Cornwall took time out of their hectic schedule to visit us.

“I’m very proud of what we have achieved so far. When we first started we only had a small bakery employing five people and now we employ over 400.

“When you look back at the success of the company it’s down to the care we’ve taken in training people.

“We’ve been growing our own talent, and that’s giving us a firm foundation for success in the future and this is what the Baking Academy and Innovation Centre are all about.

“The facilities we have at the Baking Academy are state of the art and the test bakery is as good as a normal craft bakery.”

According to managing director Robin Jones, it had been a “wonderful day”.

He said: “I think it’s great how much Their Royal Highnesses interacted with members of staff and showed a genuine interest.

“At the end of the day, our staff are the ones who have got us to where we are today and it was great to share the day with the Royal Family, and friends and colleagues.

“Their Royal Highnesses saw a lot while they were here. They saw the full operation from crumpets to making bread rolls, to the Welsh Cakes.

“The Prince did a great job at flipping Welsh Cakes, so much so that he can now also claim to be the Prince of Welsh Cakes.

“The Welsh Cakes are a signature product for us as a company and they’re made to a traditional all-butter recipe, and we’re one of the very few bakers in the country to do that.

“The Welsh Cakes have provided a foundation of our growth with our major customers who share our ethos of quality and sustainability.”

Among those who met the prince was Liz Taylor, the head of trading for ambient food and drink at M&S.

She said: “I was delighted and honoured to be invited to the official opening of the Village Bakery’s new Baking Academy and Innovation Centre.

“Their commitment to quality and sustainability are underlined by this major investment, which will provide a fantastic foundation for future success and underlines why Village Bakery are such an important supplier partner to us within our bakery department.”

Thursday July 16th, 2015


Appy days for red squirrels thanks to North Wales tech company Livetech

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Red squirrel lovers have gone nuts for a new app that’s helping to save the species.

Red Squirrels Trust Wales asked Llandudno-based digital experts Livetech to create the Squirrel Location Map to keep track of the loveable ruddy rodents.

red 2 ceidiog

The application, which can be used on iPhone, iPad and android devices, allows people to pinpoint where they’ve spotted the native red squirrels, which faced wipe-out from Britain before a huge conservation effort was launched on Anglesey two decades ago.

The success of the campaign is mostly down to a huge effort to control invasive grey squirrels, which were introduced to Britain from America in 1876 and carry a virus that’s fatal to its red cousin.

As a result, the number of grey squirrels grew to 2.5 million while the  red squirrel population fell to 120,000.

Now experts say the native reds are bouncing back – on Anglesey the population was down to as low as 40, but it’s now up to a healthy 700 and they’re even spreading across the Menai Strait to Bangor on the mainland.

The reversal of fortunes is down to the hard work of the Anglesey Red Squirrel Project and Red Squirrels Trust Wales.

Livetech managing director Paul Levy said: “The main feature of the app is to help people record squirrel sightings. If you spot a squirrel you can log on to the app and report it instantly.

“It allows people to engage with Red Squirrels Trust Wales, and to share and access information.

“People can log into the app and find out where the red squirrels are. The app is for iPhone and android. It has other features as well such as information about red squirrel conservation work and a news feed. It is also connected to the Red Squirrels Trust Wales twitter feed.

“The app focuses on North West Wales, but it could be easily rolled out to the rest of the UK.

“The app is fully integrated with the trust’s website which we also designed. This means that you only need to upload the information once for the app and the website to be updated.

“At Livetech we create a wide variety of apps and this one was definitely an interesting one to do.”

Dr Craig Shuttleworth, an ecologist, and director of Red Squirrels Trust Wales, explained why he asked Livetech to create the Squirrel Location Map.

He said: “Years ago people would write into us to say where they’d spotted a red squirrel. We’re now living in an age of social media where most people have smartphones.

“It’s another ways for people to connect and they can update the app instantly. The app designed by Livetech is very popular. It’s linked to our website and we also have a very popular Facebook page.

“The data collected through the app is very useful to us because it helps us keep track of where the red squirrels are going. We monitor distribution and abundance. If you go back 15 years hardly anybody saw a red squirrel on the island, but now people are spotting them more and more often.

“There are no grey squirrels on Anglesey now. The project started in 1998 and the trust was formed in 2007. At that time the project started there were only around 40 red squirrels on the island. Now there are over 700.

“Some have even crossed over to Gwynedd as well. The project has been a huge success. It’s pioneering and the model is being copied all over the UK, in places like Cornwall.

“The red squirrel would be extinct in North Wales had we not done something about it.

“First we had to remove the grey squirrel population and then we had to reintroduce the reds which we got from Welsh Mountain Zoo in Colwyn Bay. We did eight introductions in all.

“The next big project is going to be in Gwynedd where we’ll be removing the greys and once we’ve done that we’ll be introducing reds.

“The Government will soon have an obligation to protect red squirrels under EU law.

“Grey squirrels are a problem because they ruin trees – they tear bark off in huge chunks so they die.

“The damage they cause has an economic as well as an environmental impact because it costs the timber industry millions of pounds. It costs £10 million every year. They also climb into the attics in people’s houses and chew through the wood so it’s a real problem.

“Now, things are looking better for our red squirrels and the new app created by Livetech is playing its part in creating a brighter future for them.”

For more information about Red Squirrels Trust Wales visit and for more information about Livetech visit or call 01492 581131.

Friday July 10th, 2015


Ex-Gladiator’s Jet boost for jobs at Spire Healthcare centre in Abergele

Darren Millar Am meets Diane Youdale at Spire Abergele.

A former TV Gladiator is helping to create nearly 30 new jobs at a private health centre in North Wales.

image001 ceidiog

Diane Youdale, who fought under the name of Jet in the cult 1990s series, qualified as a psychotherapist and pilates instructor after leaving the hit show.

The 44-year-old is now playing a major role at the Spire Healthcare Consulting Rooms which has now doubled in size at its base on the North Wales Business Park in Abergele.

Spire, who also run the Spire Yale Hospital in Wrexham, have taken over the first floor of the building where they have been occupying the ground level since 2009.

They have invested in new equipment for the expansion, including an Intense Pulsed Light laser, used for procedures such as hair removal and skin rejuvenation.

The expansion has enabled Spire to introduce a number of new services, including non-surgical cosmetic and beauty treatments.

Other services available at the North Wales Cosmetic Suite include acupuncture, sports massage, pilates, yoga and chiropody.

Diane and a team of specialist teachers will run the exercise side of the operation, providing classes in pilates, zumba and yoga.

She will also be working alongside one of the private hospital’s consultants to help patients tackle obesity and other health issues through her “Core Philosphy” workshops.

During a visit by Clwyd West AM Darren Millar she outlined her plans for services which include holistic health, wellbeing and nutrition.

Mr Millar was delighted to hear about the expansion and said: “Extra jobs mean more families have more income. That’s very good news. It’s also great for the business park and for the town of Abergele.

“I’m absolutely delighted that Diane has a vision to help make this place into a centre that will help people with their health in every sense of the word. Not just their physical health, but their mental health, and their spiritual health as well.

“I’m delighted that she is basing herself in Aberegele. This is the perfect location on the North Wales Business Park.

“We focus far too much on treating people who are already ill, and I think it’s very important to make sure that we also take some time in society as a whole to focus on preventing ill health and maintaining good health. One way of doing that is incorporating some of the practices that have been outlined to me today by Diane at Spire.”

Andrea Carri, manager of Spire Healthcare Consulting Rooms, added: “We are now able to offer nurse-led non-surgical beauty and cosmetic treatments using Elemis, Dermalogica and Mesoastetics as part of our service. We’ve already created seven new jobs, and will be creating six more on top of the 10 to 15 jobs that Diane will be creating.

“We are thrilled to have Diane on board. She is keen on nutrition and exercise and will work with our paediatricians on child obesity. There is also scope for her to work with other consultants on a number of health issues, such as stroke rehabilitation.

“Diane is so enthusiastic and without doubt she is going to make a real difference.”

Diane was keen to stress the importance of maintenance and prevention when it comes to health and wellbeing.

She said: “We are a nation who wait until it’s a case of patching up our health once gone wrong or neglected as opposed to our European cousins who put more emphasis on maintenance and prevention. As a duty of self-care we need the tools for better education in and beyond school.

“I want a real breadth of pathways open to people here.

“I’m putting together a really good team with the right experience and the right attitude to put together the foundation of the studio which will be more holistic as opposed to pure fitness.

“The nature of this space loans itself beautifully to holistic activities such as t’ai chi, yoga, and pilates.

“As a health and fitness practitioner I’ve always wanted to work as part of a multidisciplinary team and with Spire, here it is.

“Things are looking promising. I’ve just spent a few days here in North Wales interviewing a handful of people, and every single one of them, I’d be thrilled if they want to teach here for a few hours each week.

“If people are interested in working here they can get in touch with Spire and leave a name and number, and an email address and I’ll get back to them.”

For more information go to:

Thursday July 9th, 2015